SYROFORM S anti-corrosion and anti-adhesion oil

SYROFORM S is a demoulding oil with an active anti-corrosion additive that has been especially developped for the use in the fiber cement industry. SYROFORM S is an exclusivity of Elkuch Group.










light brown






Viscosity (20°C):

19 mm²/s


Viscosity (20°C):

6 mm²/s


Density (15°C):

850 kg/m³


Density (15°C):

832 kg/m³


Flash point:

> 150 °C


Flash point:


> 59 °C


Seperating principle:

chemical and physical

Seperating principle:



Corrosion protection:

active corrosion protection

Corrosion protection:

no corrosion protection


Water seperation:

good seperation capacity

Water seperation:

seperation capacity not defined


Safety codes: H304, H319


Safety codes: H304, H226, H332, H315, H351, H373, H411





The SYROFORM S drawing oil consists of an anticorrosion additive and is the most suitable oil for the use with one of the automatic oiling systems of the SYRO HB 2000 series. However, it can be easily used with other oil coating systems as well. SYROFORM S is an exclusivity of Elkuch Group and contains no VOC’s and complies with the latest EU-directives.


It is recommended that the SYROFORM S oil is applied with the SYRO Oiling System HB2000. In delivery state a smooth coating by spraying, brushing or rolling is guaranteed. E.g. in the fibre cement plates production process the moulds are first cleaned and then passed through the SYRO Oiling System HB2000 where they are coated with sufficient oil by atomizing it against the upper and bottom side of the moulds. The coating quantity is approximately 0.5 g/m2 with V = 1.0 m/s.

SYROFORM S is primarily used for the spray coating:

  • of running steel or aluminium coils in the steel plate production
  • of all kind of steel moulds in the fibre cement plates manufacturing

  • of aluminium pressure casting moulds in the concrete roofing tiles manufacturin


  • clean and effective release

  • excellent surface finishing

  • no staining on the concrete surface

  • good corrosion protection of the templates and ensures long life of your steel moulds

Health and Safety

SYROFORM “S” Oil produces no adverse effects on health when properly handled and used. No special precautions are suggested beyond attention to good personal hygiene. Additional health and safety information are available on request.